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Examples of cognitive therapy techniques include cognitive restructuring, hypothesis testing, and coping self-statements. Behavioural strategies include exposure therapy, relaxation training, and a variety of other techniques. Graded exposure and response prevention form the core of treatment; anxiety management training and OCD-specific family interventions may play an adjunctive role Controlled studies have established manual-based cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT is the first-line treatment of choice for bulimia nervosa An awards system for environment-friendly products.

Ecolabelling and Life-cycle Analysis. These are two environmental tools designed to help consumers make informed choices about the products and materials they use. Both tools take into account key environmental impacts at different stages of the life-cycle of such materials as wood and paper products. The UDHR continues to hold the world record as the most translated document. With more than language versions to help them, UN organizations around the globe will use the year to focus on helping people everywhere to learn about their human rights.

The UDHR was the first international recognition that all human beings have fundamental rights and freedoms and it continues to be a living and relevant document today. National Wildlife Week It includes a lesson plan designed to teach students about the value of terrestrial and freshwater habitats to migratory species, the risks that face these wild wanderers, and how we can help to give them safe passage;..

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P3P is an "emerging industry standard that enables web sites to express their privacy practices in a standardized format that can be automatically retrieved and interpreted by user agents" W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Initiatives. P3P's goal is to help inform users, in a simple way, about the practices of web sites and to increase their trust and confidence in the Internet.

The downside to P3P is that even though users are informed of the web sites practices before any personal information is released, it does not ensure that the web site will act according to their policies. CIRA is a national network promoting discussion, research and education in the field of work and industrial relations.

CIRA is open to any individual interested in industrial relations, work and employment, including union-management relations, labour law, human resources management, unionism, etc. CIRA brings together industrial relations specialists from labour and management, as well as from government and universities. It is a great venue to learn more about your field of study and meet specialists who can help your transition to the labour market. L'ACRI est une association professionnelle pancanadienne qui a pour but de promouvoir la discussion, la recherche et la formation dans le domaine des relations industrielles.

The Humane Society of Canada works to protect dogs, cats, horses, birds, livestock, lab animals, wildlife and the environment. They carry out hands on programs to help animals and nature, mount rescue operations, expose cruelty through hard hitting undercover investigations, work to pass laws to protect animals, funds non-invasive scientific research, support animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centres and spread the word about how to help animals through humane education. Canada School of Public Service. The Orientation Program is designed to help you understand the public service as a whole.

The program also includes a"Resource Marketplace" where you will find out about many aspects of the public service work environment, including other learning opportunities. This interest inventory matches your interest profile with occupations from the National Occupational Classification NOC to help you select suitable careers. You complete an inventory of fifty statements about types of work of interest to you. Five interest factors are measures: Directive, Innovative, Methodical, Objective, and Social.

Sometimes canadians leaving Canada and non-residents entering Canada need information about their Canadian residency. To help them, the International Tax Services Office and all tax services offices of Revenue Canada have access to an expert computer system called the Residency Determination Advisor.

This system allows departmental staff to determine and process enquiries about an individual' s residency quickly and accurately. The musculotendinous sheath formed by the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor muscles.

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These help stabilize the head of the humerus in the glenoid fossa and allow for rotation of the shoulder joint about its longitudinal axis. Il s'agit de quatre muscles courts qui s'attachent sur l'omoplate. The Foundation is committed to building a national framework for the fight against racism in Canadian society. We will shed light on the causes and manifestations of racism; provide independent, outspoken national leadership; and act as a resource and facilitator in the pursuit of equity, fairness, and social justice.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation aims to help bring about a more harmonious Canada that acknowledges its racist past, recognizes the pervasiveness of racism today, and is committed to creating a future in which all Canadians are treated equitably and fairly. Proging Questions are intended to help the presenter think more deeply about the issue at hand. A question that makes the respondent go into further detail But no matter how inspired and enlightened people are, two principles of learning remain: You must internalize procedures to do a better job.

To do this, you must try them out and receive help when you fail. Youth with a Mission is an international movement of Christians working to help make a difference in a needy world. Founded in , it is now one of the largest interdenominational and international Christian ministries, with about 12, volunteer staff based in over locations in over countries.

The difference between the warm water temperature to the tower and the cold water temperature leaving the tower. When an expectation fails we want to know why. We attempt to explain the expectation failure. It help us change our knowledge structures so that we can do better next time. Scripts provide a handy way of thinking about failure-driven reminding. The organization was originally formed in and was formally incorporated as a co-operative in Instead, we try to help our member groups with the work they do through the sharing of information and provision of administrative and technical support.

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It should be readily available in a savings account A tutoring system that provides unobtrusive assistance while the student is involved in independent learning. It does not lecture, but fosters the learning inherent in the activity, points out existing learning opportunities and transforms failures into learning experiences.

It motivates learning and exercises pedagogical judgement. When discrepancies arise, the student is given advice about better learning or performance strategies. Diagnostic tutors are usually a more appropriate form of ICAI [intelligent computer-assisted instruction] for games, simulations, and problem-solving situations than a mixed-initiative tutor approach. Coaches are a variant of tutors which simply monitor a student's problem-solving and so focus on a restricted part of the process of learning programming.

Their job is to observe the way that a student tackles a problem and either comment when something seems to be going wrong, provide help when asked or Contrast with "mixed-initiative dialog" system and with "directive tutoring". Together with industry partners, the Alberta Turkey Producers help to regulate, promote and educate consumers about today's turkey. The part of an interactive system responsible for providing the user with information about the workings of the program on request. Help can be obtained in a number of ways: A help system supports the user in handling and mastering an information processing system.

A comprehensive help system not only answers questions of users, but also "looks over their shoulders" and interrupts when appropriate. One of the problems with traditional assistance systems is that users have to often formulate their requests for help in terms of [Bstem commands and keywords which they may not remember or even know in the first place. An effective assistant must, therefore, have the capability to interpret user queries which are posed in natural language, so that users are not burdened wit the task of translating their requests in terms of system terminology.

The phase of statistics which seeks only to describe and analyse a given group without drawing any conclusions or inferences about a larger group In the former, the main emphasis is placed on arithmetic and graphical distillation of data to help describe the existing situation. Statistical inference, on the other hand, involves considerably more sophisticated notions concerned with general decision making and prediction.

However, the revolution in training, while it takes advantage of the training technologies coming forward, is no more about training than architecture is about hammers. Training technology is the tool that allows you to build the system that you like. And we have wonderful technology that is emerging to help us train.

The real issue is how do you create a system that will constantly reinvent itself, so as new technology becomes available, you take advantage of it at the right places, and allow it to contribute to operational performance and excellence. This is not a revolution about hardware, it's a revolution about people. Il ne faut pas se contenter de faire plus, mais il convient de faire autrement.

Aujourd'hui, de nouveaux moyens technologiques, tant dans le stockage que dans le transport ou le traitement de l'information, permettent d'envisager de nouvelles solutions. Talk about a blast from the past, catamaraning can be a lot of fun, and it's real easy to do. All you need is a partner. What you do is you sit on your board sideways facing your partner, while your partner does the same. Position the boards so that you can both put your feet comfortably on the ends of each other's boards.

Once in position, you start down a fairly mellow hill. You turn by having the person on the turning side lean back, like he's on the trapeze of a catamaran. The person on the nonturning [side] leans in to help out with the turn. What is it, you ask?

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Well, let me explain. There are two skateboarders set parallel to each other a couple of feet apart. Each one is equipped with a toochas pad for comfort and two handles for steering. Turning is accomplished by one person leaning back and pulling on their handles, at the same time the other person leans forward and pushes on theirs. There are no brakes. Sun glint occurs when the ocean acts like a mirror, directly reflecting the sunlight to the imager of the satellite. Therefore, sun glint, like an image in a mirror, provides two kinds of information. It can help to locate the position of the sun, and its varying brightness and clarity provide information about the reflecting surface.

In this way, sun glint is used to study ocean surface activity. Booth tools take into account key environmental impacts at different stages of the life-cycle of such materials as wood and paper products. Canada's new ecolabelling guidelines for paper products will take into account, among other things, how much virgin timber and energy are used and how much waste and toxicity are generated in production processes. Use of tests, usually some specific instrument or set of instruments to determine a certain quality or trait or a series of such qualities or traits.

The primary purpose of testing is to obtain information to help make inferences about an examinee's performance on a behavior domain of interest. Achieving this purpose depends upon good judgment at each of the five steps in the testing process: While good administration procedures are essential for successful testing, one must bear in mind that test administration is but one link in the chain of testing practice. Established over 30 years and is housed in Paris, France. The reason for CODATA is to help foster and advance science and technology through developing and sharing knowledge about data and the activities that work with data.

These agencies ceased to exist in and , respectively.

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If you have a concern about your ability to detect gas leaks, a gas detector can be an important tool to help protect you and your family. Do not confuse the three terms "detector", "sensor" and "monitor. Attitudes or beliefs about future economic activity. While expectations are hard to measure, they can have a significant impact on future trends. Consumers who expect interest rates to rise may delay the purchase of homes or major consumer products, thus slowing down business activity. Wage-earners who expect inflation to continue or to get worse may demand even bigger wage increases in collective bargaining, thus adding to inflation pressures.

Businesspeople who are gloomy about future profits because they expect costs to rise sharply or because they see few signs of future market growth will delay investment plans, thus slowing down economic growth. Economists now use business-and consumer-confidence surveys to help measure changes in expectations. Term usually used in the plural.

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Any spinning object possesses gyroscopic characteristics. The central mechanism of the gyroscope is a wheel similar to a bicycle wheel. It rotates at high speed on very low friction bearings. When it is rotating normally, it resists changes in direction. The gyroscope exhibits two predominant characteristics.

Hands-on experience with gyroscopes is a good way to help children understand rotational motion. Have students experiment with spinning tops on a large, hard, flat surface such as the gymnasium floor. The students should set the tops spinning and make observations about what happens when they push the spinning tops in certain directions.

They can try applying force to the gyroscopes at different heights from the ground to see how this affects the movement of a spinning top. All this can be related to gyroscopic principles such as precession and gyroscopic inertia , as well as applications of these principles satellites, bicycles, etc. Mr Ding said falls in the price of handsets and an elimination of connection fees would help boost mobile penetration in China. Term used mainly in the plural. S'emploie toujours au pluriel. Canadian Rural Partnership, Pilot Projects This project will advise farm families about the importance of having a legal will and a succession plan in place.

Advisors will work with families in developing a plan and help them set and work towards their goals. Projets pilotes du Partenariat rural canadien. The Centre provides a network of housing partnership experts who have one job: The personnel of the Centre offers experience, information and resources such as proposal development loans and mortgage loan insurance. A section of the UCS Supplementary Application Guidelines that provides basic instructions to help correct misconceptions and common rating errors in the use of the standard.

It guides evaluators to what to look for and provides tips about how to evaluate it once you have found it. When using body condition scoring to help manage your herd, be sure to score cows at these five critical times: Animals at dry-off and parturition should have a body condition score of between 3. At pre-breeding examination, cows should score about 2.

The assumptions about future economic performance underlying the government's projections of its revenues, expenditures and deficit, such as assumptions about growth, interests rate and inflation. The economic assumptions help to determine the budget action needed to achieve deficit targets. In addition, substantial contingency reserves will back up the assumptions.

A search based on experience and judgement, used to obtain acceptable results without guarantee of success. A search which uses partial information about the nature of the goal to help guide the search toward the more promising directions. Video produced in by the National Film Board. Part of The Next Step, a series of three films that examines the services needed by and those available to battered women. Sylvie's Story recreates the experience of Sylvie, a battered woman who seeks shelter in a Montreal transition house.

Faced with the threat of violence, loneliness, a lack of financial resources or information about services, abuse victims are often reluctant to seek help. The film emphasizes the importance to women of sharing their experiences with one another, and it also illustrates the role of the transition house in putting women in touch with appropriate legal and social services.

A specialized kind of intelligent programming assistant is a programming tutor. In this application, the assistant helps a novice programmer to learn programming rather than helping a expert programmer to construct programs. An interesting aspect of this application is that A key function of a programming tutor is to examine a program written by a student programmer, find any errors in it, and then explain the errors to the student in a way that will help the student learn.

With its curriculum information network, BIP uses a representational scheme that is more in the AI tradition. In "suicidal intent", the will to carry out the deed is present, however the victim somehow fails to die. You receive a call from a community health nurse from an outlying community who expresses concerns about a potentially suicidal individual. How would you help her to evaluate and minimize the risk? Depressive disorders and suicidal intent in adolescent suicide attempters Does suicidal intent mean the same in completed suicides as it does in attempted suicides?

Suicidal intent, hopelessness and depression in a parasuicide population Patients in debt were more likely to harm themselves with greater suicidal intent Alcohol intoxication or suicidal intent were factors The user can get help about a window by moving the HELP icon into a window and buttoning the window. A message associated with the selected window is printed in a special help window. It shows a user legal syntax, pertinent examples and helpful concepts. Terminology of window elements, menus, dialog boxes, message boxes other GUI screen elements, keys, user actions, and applications for Microsoft Windows.

Clarifying responses assist the caseworker in making an accurate assessment of the dynamic factors contributing to the presenting problems Clarifying responses help the caseworker move from the content level to the process level in the interview Clarifying responses may facilitate the development of the client's awareness and understanding of himself and the nature of his problems Clarifying responses are often threatening to the client, because they bring feelings, issues, and concerns that the client may either not be fully aware of, or may not want to talk about , into open discussion.

In the absence of a supportive, trusting relationship, clarifying responses may be perceived by the client as "probing" and may increase resistance to talking with the caseworker. He can choose a problem or be assigned one. He works through the problem step by step, calling on the He can work it through entirely on his own or invoke the tutor whenever he wants help. He can ask for another problem. With the indexing of problems according to models, the student can be allowed to choose which topic she wants to learn about next, thus building her own curriculum student-directed mode.

As opposed to "tutor mode. Clinical trials have shown that clozapine helps about 30 percent of those schizophrenic patients who do not respond to other antipsychotic medications or who develop intolerable side effects. This drug's unusual properties, such as its specific interaction with certain dopamine and serotonin receptors D4 and 5HT2 , may help in the effort to understand schizophrenia itself. An education process which occurs within the client therapist relationship to help people to learn about themselves and their situation and about their ability to make decisions.

The electronics expert functions at three levels. Finally, at the global level, the electronics expert uses circuit-specific knowledge to analyze the circuit in terms of the behavior of logical modules. The electronic expert is a separate on-call system component that may be asked for help or assistance by the user. The range of assistance it provides to the user relates to explanations about various electronics concepts Campus student organizations, primarily undergraduates, united to learn more about global development issues and help to alleviate hunger, disease, and poverty in the Third World and in the U.

The planned introduction of new employees to their jobs and the organization. The objective is to help new employees learn about their work environment and adjust to their new jobs. The orientation should also encourage favorable attitudes toward organizational goals and policies. In some instances, shame or fear about one's situation becoming known can be a prohibiting factor to women seeking help , and for women from middle and upper income groups, this may be an even greater social barrier.

Lack of anonymity certainly can be a dynamic in the lives of many women, rural and urban, however, it has been pointed out here to indicate that for rural women it may be a somewhat more exaggerated pressure.