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Do you or someone you know have Lupus? Lupus is difficult to diagnose because it is similar to many other diseases. So what exactly is lupus? Learn about the best things a person with Lupus can do to have a great life. Read about the causes of Lupus, the signs and symptoms to look for, the types of Lupus and much more. The Encyclopedia of Healing Points. The Whole Life Prostate Book. Facts, myths and solutions. The Body System Series: The Complete Body Systems and their Functions.

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Worry and stress are not friends of lupus and can even exacerbate flares, so it is important to find coping tools to help alleviate these feelings of stress. Cognitive Dysfunction Lupus Fog — Forgetfulness and difficulty thinking are very common complaints among lupus sufferers. Feeling that you are forgetting simple tasks or to-dos can be very frustrating.

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This can also cause frustration on the part of those closest to you who may not fully understand why you are forgetful. This can intensify your feelings of depression and isolation. Anger and irritability can be difficult to deal with, both for you and those around you. Get Regular Exercise- Low impact activities can be especially beneficial for lupus sufferers. Walking, swimming, and cycling, for example, can reduce muscle stiffness, boost muscular strength, prevent osteoporosis, relieve stress, and assist in better sleep. Not to mention the obvious benefits of helping protect your heart and cardio-vascular system.

Quit Smoking- We know how dangerous smoking is to everyone, but it can actually speed up and worsen the disease in lupus patients. It is never too late, quitting now will immediately begin to reverse the negative effects of smoking. Get Enough Rest- Resting the proper amount aim for at least seven hours per night can help alleviate the fatigue so commonly associated with lupus. Lupus sufferers can find this difficult, but some tips to achieve a more restful night are: Avoid the Sun and Even Indoor Fluorescent Lighting- Photosensitivity is common in lupus and can exasperate and even cause certain lupus conditions leading to a lupus flare.

Being sun-smart means staying out of the sun, wearing sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, covering up with a hat and long sleeves and pants when out in natural sunlight avoiding the most intense times during the day between 10 a. Indoor lighting can also give off these potentially harmful UV rays, so keep that in mind when in the workplace or even at home.

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Ward off Infections- Those who suffer with lupus are more susceptible to infections. Wash your hands often with warm soapy water, avoid individuals who have any contagious condition and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose. Manage Pain- Natural pain management can do wonders for the body and soul as the joint and muscle pain associated with lupus strikes.

Try taking hot showers or baths, or finding other natural options that work well for you such as yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and chiropractic. Manage Mental Well-Being- As stated above, the broad reaching emotional ramifications of coping with lupus can be devastating. It is important to be mindful of your mental well-being. If you are experiencing symptoms like overwhelming and ongoing sadness, uncontrollable crying, anger, frustration, difficulty concentrating, it is suggested that you seek help from a mental health expert, as you may be experiencing depression.

Our blog on Lupus and Depression may be a good resource.

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It is important to allow yourself to accept the feelings and emotions that you may be experiencing, and acknowledge that you have good reason to feel this way. But know, too, that even though you may feel powerless, you do still have power. Coping with lupus or any other chronic illness can and will be difficult, but by learning the proper techniques and tools, your life with lupus can still be positive and productive. To help us spread the word and raise lupus awareness, please share this blog, and join our Facebook community by clicking on the links below. To use one of these images, please contact us at info kflupus.

The personal views do not necessarily encompass the views of the organization, but the information has been vetted as a relevant resource. We encourage you to be your strongest advocate and always contact your medical provider with any specific questions or concerns.