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Full Cast and Crew. Three teen strangers awaken in a dangerous world and try to make sense of what connection they have to each other as they attempt to make it out alive. Related News Film News Roundup: Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Mira 10 episodes, Connor Parnall Kai 10 episodes, Adrian Petriw Adam 10 episodes, Mark Hildreth The Weird Guy 7 episodes, Diana Kaarina Vanessa 6 episodes, Jesse Moss Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. On holiday in the English countryside, two young couples uncover an ancient evil. Mockumentary or found footage horror. Spooky things I haven't seen? Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This.

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Mauricio Chernovetzky, Mark Devendorf. Twenty Years of Fear Rape Story Video A Los Angeles victim that was raped in the rainy night of 30 June Digging Up the Marrow Amber in the Shadows TV Series The Atticus Institute Edit Cast Cast overview: Also, they use a lot of screen effects that while sometimes cool, can also be a bit distracting, and overdone. Unlike most indie horror titles, you actually can fight back in this game, and that is a big plus for me.

Yes, ammo is limited, but a well placed headshot will take out the more common enemies. Aiming to get that headshot is a bit clunky, and definitely takes some getting used to. Really, that's the main thing I experienced with this game, and it is also why I liked it the longer I played it. Once you get good at managing the movement, and combat, Hollow can be an enjoyable game. I heard that the game suffered framerate dips for some people, but I didn't have any in docked or handheld mode , and if they did happen, I didn't notice them.

I will state the disclaimer that I have no problem with games that run at 30FPS, So maybe that has something to do with how I perceived the experience. All in all, Hollow is an OK horror game for the Switch, and if you have already played Resident Evil Revelations, and are looking for another horror game where you don't have to constantly run and hide, maybe check this one out.

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A couple months back EA shutdown visceral games the developers of dead space. This angered me deeply as I loved dead space and consider it A couple months back EA shutdown visceral games the developers of dead space. This angered me deeply as I loved dead space and consider it among my favorite horror series of all time. I've been looking trying to find a game to fill the void since dead space is in limbo I stumbled on this game which prided itself as a space survival horror game similar to alien isolation, dead space, and even movies like pandorum and event horizon.

The trailer looked very spooky and oozed atmosphere and any fan of the game could draw comparisons from this and dead space. Could hollow be a good take on sci-fi survival horror to satisfy fans of visceral game's horror masterpiece.

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Or is the game rather ahem Let's find out Graphics: Chromatic aberration and lens flare are used to good effect even though at times it can obscure your view especially during hallucinations. But it isn't anything game breaking. Playing undocked does seem to tone it down some. Textures are nice when not viewed too closely.

The only exception would be the pasty faces on some characters and muddy facial textures. The space station the game takes place on is full of creepy atmosphere and detailed interiors, though they do look a bit same-y after awhile. There are multiple parts to the station which add some variety to the scenery which is nice.

The monster designs are creepy and unique looking. They look crossed between necromorphs and mannequins, which i found delightfully horrifying.

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The enemy variety is decent for an indie game such as this but you do see a couple of the same looking enemies at The beginning which get progressively more grotesque which helps alleviate some repetition. The lighting is a little to bright for my liking even with gamma settings adjusted and shadows are almost nonexistent which I find very odd for a horror game.

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Overall graphics are pretty nice. The story gets some answers later on but it leaves with more questions than answers. The story starts with you, a pilot crash lands at the space station known as shahkter one. The ship is abandoned though audio logs and warning sirens hint something terrible has happened. Monsters infest the ship and the pilot is looking for someone. I won't go into further details on fear of spoiling the story.

It has psychological horror and themes of fear of commitment as well as abandonment. It's a pretty good story but it feels unfinished, which makes sense as the end credits heavily tease a sequel. Still it is kind of a letdown to be left with so many questions and the cliffhanger ending doesn't help either.

It's just unfinished but it is interesting. It start off rather slow but when you find your first weapon it picks up as well as the threat. The shooting controls are fine though you are going to want to turn the control sensitivity up as the character moves very slow and slow reactions can lead to death. Speaking of death there are some parts in the game that will try to ambush you and end your life fast.

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  5. Which can be especially annoying if you don't use the save system and have to repeat difficult sections over and over. On "hard" difficulty the game takes a page from old survival horror games and requires you find floppy disks throughout the ship so you can save your game. Run out and you'll be out of luck so be sure to use them wisely as they are very few and strangely missing in later parts. I recommend playing on normal as you can save to your heart's content no floppy disks needed.