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Taj Hargey, the Oxford imam and scholar who robustly defended Boris Johnson in the row over burkas this week, has a habit of asking vivid questions and then answering them himself with a punchiness that makes the former foreign secretary seem timid and colourless.

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They are going to bring other forms of Sharia down the pike. This is not the end of the story.

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Already a subscriber or registered access user? We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Raping, burning, slaughtering and ethnic revenge killings marked their last victorious entry to Kabul. Present eagerness to chase out Bin Laden must not make human rights an afterthought in our intervention in this black hole of humanity.

The Burqa Assassinations

Global moral authority on universal rights and women's equality will matter more in the long run than appeasing the Islamic sensibilities of coalition members now. This is a rationalist jihad. This war against terrorism is not a war not against moderate Thought-for-the-Day Islam but against the fundamentalism that breeds murderous martyrs. But the war leaders are fudging even this, on anxious visits to Iran where BBC women correspondents are forced into chadors.

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Women are missing from the story so far when they should be up at the front - literally and metaphorically: With such a dearth of satisfactory allies, the coalition should turn to one Afghan group completely ignored so far - the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. Their leader was a poet called Meena, who was assassinated by the KGB with fundamentalist help, in exile, in Quetta in They are secular, sane and working hard in the camps of Pakistan, running schools and clinics.

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They get no help from any government because rationalist feminists naturally have no sway with any tribal warlords. With all the money now flooding in, pushing these women forward and backing their progressive work would be an act of good faith in a democratic equal rights future. Or will realpolitik come before real women?

Readers can offer support via www. Something horrible flits across the background in scenes from Afghanistan, scuttling out of sight. There it is, a brief blue or black flash, a grotesque Scream 1, 2 and 3 personified - a woman.

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