Manual Manual of Construction Methods for Building in Afghanistan

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Capacity building for nutrition education

As a multiple trade Construction Company we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with clients, principle contractors and subcontractors to meet building and design requirements. What sets us apart is the direct employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving the best engineered solutions for our clients. Our involvement in the rebuilding of Kandahar Airfield since has culminated in the timely delivery of several turn-key projects. As the prime contractor or principle subcontractor our ability has been demonstrated from projects varying from providing design and build offices, troop accommodation, warehouses, aircraft hangers, helicopter aprons, concrete supply and placement on live runways and taxiways.

GIZ is a forward-thinking company offering a range of job opportunities in diverse fields across the globe. GIZ offers personal career development, a work-life balance, and an exceptional package of social benefits. GIZ is always on the lookout for experienced and committed individuals for its work around the globe.

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GIZ reports regularly on job opportunities within the company for new recruits and existing staff members. Find out more about what we do through our news and publications. Information on the latest events can also be found here. Improving school education through new standards for teaching staff and new curricula.

Context Overcrowded classrooms, dilapidated school buildings and poorly trained teachers are common in many parts of Afghanistan. Objective Thanks to improvements in pre- and in-service training for teachers, the quality of education and pupil achievement are improving over the medium term.

Approach The project is designed to strengthen capacity at the Afghan Ministry of Education and therefore facilitate the introduction of a specialised diploma course for new primary school teachers. The project is cofinanced by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Results A specialised curriculum for new primary school teachers has been developed together with the Teacher Education Directorate and has now been officially adopted.

Identity GIZ works to shape a future worth living around the world. Organisation In addition to two registered offices in Germany and two representations in Berlin and Brussels, GIZ operates from around 90 offices worldwide. Organisation To overview page Management Board In addition to the shareholder and the supervisory board, the management board is one of the three statutory organs of a limited liability company under German law GmbH.

Stakeholdings To overview page sequa gGmbH. Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees advises the company on key issues relating to its development. Private Sector Advisory Board The Private Sector Advisory Board provides a platform for dialogue between the private sector and international cooperation organisations. Cost-effectiveness and compliance To overview page Compliance Compliance means acting in accordance with legislation, rules, guidelines and codes of conduct.

Ombudsman The main duty of the ombudsman is to receive in confidence information regarding economic crimes such as corruption, breach of trust or fraud. Transparency To overview page The transparency policy of GIZ By communicating and publishing information, GIZ promotes the exchange of knowledge and lessons learned with other organisations.

Company information GIZ publishes a wide range of information and documents about its work, invitations to tender, services and financial agreements. Corporate Sustainability To overview page Managing corporate sustainability At GIZ, corporate sustainability is anchored at the top management level. Reporting To overview page Reports. Quality, results and evaluation To overview page Quality management Evaluation Evaluation To overview page Measuring results Knowing what works. Our services GIZ offers clients a wide range of services, methodologies and approaches.

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Our services To overview page Core competence 'Strengthening partners - developing potential' is GIZ's basic principle for sustainable development. Products and expertise GIZ has a wealth of international experience and provides advisory services and projects in more than countries around the globe.

Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness

Products and expertise To overview page Methods In carrying out its work, GIZ can draw on a wealth of tried-and-tested strategies and methodologies and harness its expertise in a variety of different thematic areas. Rural development GIZ offers regionally adapted strategies with a view to securing the right to food and making rural development a driver of economic growth. Sustainable infrastructure GIZ supports sustainable infrastructure projects that stimulate economic activity and provide the basis for better living conditions.

Security, reconstruction and peace We support our partner countries in alleviating the structural causes of violent conflict and developing capacities for peaceful conflict transformation. Social development We strive to promote basic social values such as equal opportunities, solidarity and participation, which form the basis for a peaceful society worth living in. Environment and climate change GIZ supports its partners in identifying the many causes of environmental risks and helps modernise environmental policy at all levels.

Economic development and employment GIZ assists its partner countries in improving economic framework conditions, removing bureaucratic obstacles and establishing suitable support structures. Governance and democracy GIZ assists its partners in establishing democratic systems and networks across all social groups. Strengthening host regions To overview page Eastern Ukraine: Support for host communities Watermanagement in Jordan Vocational training in Iraq Chad as a host country: Shaping migration To overview page Migration advice Support for returnees Tunisia: Fresh start for returnees Going home — and taking knowledge with you.

Doing business with GIZ GIZ offers a wide range of services to governments, companies, international institutions and private foundations. Our feature projects To overview page 1: Tracking down offenders Bangladesh: How the right advice is helping people build a future for themselves The Pacific islands are adapting to climate change An exchange full of unlimited possibilities A building for peace and security A marketing success: African cashew nuts Green Mosques and the transition to clean energy Behind the scenes at the museums Universities for Ethiopia Climate change mitigation: India invests in solar energy International cooperation works Climate change: Mangroves for coastal protection Manager Training: Procurement To overview page Bidding Opportunities Reports and procedures Important documents — Service contracts Important documents — Service contracts To overview page Invitations to tender Contracts Invoices and accounting procedures Reports Contract documents up to April Worldwide GIZ's diverse expertise is in demand in around countries worldwide.

Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness

Mauritania To overview page Mauritanie Nouvelles. Somalia To overview page Soomaaliya somali. South Africa To overview page Latest news and publications. Bosnia and Herzegovina To overview page Bosna i Hercegovina. Moldova To overview page Moldova. Montenegro To overview page Crna Gora. Faces and stories To overview page Egypt: The manuals can also serve as a basis for developing media campaigns TV, radio and other communication tools e. Clear priorities with regards to food security interventions as well as clear implementation strategies including identification of good partners were established through: The creation of networks of partners for disseminating nutrition education, Through feedback from households receiving nutrition education, and From the discussions in working group meetings on food security.

A follow-up project has been created. Its aim is to expand the methods, tools and guidelines developed.

Through capacity building of government staff in health and agriculture and through partnerships with NGOs, the project will enable expansion and outreach to needy communities and families. Government department staff benefited from the various trainings organised at provincial level by the project team. Three provincial extension workers attended the food processing training in Pakistan. Gender awareness workshops were successfully held in each province.