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Read reviews that mention must read garland guidry reading this book self human insight personal. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Garland G Guidry can write so naturally that reading this book is more like having a discussion between yourself and the author over a cup of tea.

Garland will teach you how she has evaluated her life, learned to live with herself and become a better person all from of her life lessons. You can do this too. I found out that I don't have to live my life smashing through one China shop to the next. This is such a beautiful book, Garland G Guidry is a beautiful writer and through this book you can learn to be beautiful, too.

One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I hope and pray that others will get educated and stop being ignorant of others feelings and genetic natural forms. On a personal level this makes me so mad to know so many are suffering to the point of committing suicide and that so many families dis-own their blood. Thank you for writing this book Garland. Memoirs of a GayShe is a fantastic narrative.

It is so raw and beautiful; it provides amazing insight into Garland Guidry's life experiences and how we can all learn to love each other regardless of any physical, religious, or societal differences. I highly recommend Memoirs of a GayShe! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I have know Garland for almost 10 years, she is one of my closest friends. Reading her book has brought us closer together. It touched my heart and made me laugh and smile. If you are looking for a book about self-reflection and loving onself the way God intended then this is your book. You will laugh, cry, smile and think Inspirational,meaningful and heart warming.

In a time when the whole concept of what constitutes gender comes into play, Garland Guidry's book gives us a deep, personal insight to what it means to discover one's self and one's identity. Garland's fresh, honest approach to her story will resonate with anyone who has sought to understand his or her deepest self.

It was like we were sitting down and having a conversation and she was telling me the story of her life. It was motivating and very insightful. Garland shared so much of herself, you will feel as if you are on this journey with her Such books are always triumphalist and emphasize the same motivational lesson--work hard and you'll be successful. Again, there's nothing wrong with such books--they can be both enjoyable and instructive--but they're so one-note that there's little to learn from them, after you've read a few.

Earlier today, one of my editors remarked that she'd been inspired by Christopher Reeve's autobiography Nothing is Impossible.

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Her comment sparked a self-realization that I've increasingly been inspired and motivated by memoirs and autobiographies written by people from outside the business world. Why It's Worth Reading: Those depictions, however, don't really capture the horrors of that conflict or the powerful courage that it took to survive them honorably. Robert Graves best known as the author of "I, Claudius" both survived the war and wrote this highly self-aware memoir of how it changed both him and the world.

While this is arguably the world's most scandalous and, frankly, obscene memoir, Casanova possesses an admirable love of life and ability to appreciate every aspect of it, as well as a clear understanding of his own foibles and the absurdities of the world around him.

The story of how Angelou overcame the bigotry and abuse of her childhood and transformed her experiences into great literature is a both a record of the injustices of the 20th century which are now being restored by a white supremacist administration and a testament to an unconquerable human spirit. Recommended by Shawn D. While The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is my favorite memoir, Growing Up Laughing by Marlo Thomas, daughter of comedian Danny Thomas, is my pick for best unconventional memoir because it is like a mini history of comedy, complete with interviews and stories of comedians of the past and modern day.

I was laughing out loud through this wonderful book! Simon Winchester makes everything within his intense gaze come amazingly alive. Winchester looks at the critical period in Dodgson's life in which he becomes entranced with photography and ultimately turns his camera to a young girl. This young girl, Alice Lidell, would ultimately "become" the Alice in Wonderland. Well, Christopher Knight did just that… for 27 years! In he built a secluded tent camp beside a lake in a remote corner of Maine. For nearly three decades he lived off of supplies he stole from nearby cabins and managed to survive some of the harshest winters in America.

Stranger in the Woods reads like a hard-boiled mystery and seeks to I read this book before Carrie Fisher passed, and I read it in a week because the jokes just kept coming and coming until suddenly I'd be at the end of the chapter. The little Star Wars stories sprinkled throughout the book were hilarious. However, what shines brightest is Carrie Fisher's unique brand of humor.

It's all the sarcasm I miss from her tweets that made me cackle, but with bonus personal anecdotes about flawed coping This eye-opening read covers a complex story with hard science while remaining comprehensive. Between the pages you'll find topics such as body ownership, racism, and pharmaceutical companies, but most of all you'll find an engaging story. This book is such an empowering tale of what is possible when you don't give up. Jahren beautifully weaves the story of her success with the story of who she is as a person, resulting in an all-at-once heartbreaking and inspiring tale.

Not only did she break through the barrier of being a female in a male dominated field, she did so brilliantly, and she discovered who she was in the process. This book celebrates friendship, hard work, passion, The man exuded optimism as he grew up and played great baseball in a segregated nation.

I Was Right on Time tells the story of the Negro leagues through his eyes. Best known for her play, A Raisin in the Sun , author and playwright Lorraine Hansberry was at the forefront of civil rights activism along with the likes of Paul Robeson, W. I could say that Between the World and Me , a piercing exploration of race in America, is a book that is timely and important.

There's no doubt that it is. But it also has a purity and intensity that demands it be read.

2. History of My Life (Giacomo Casanova)

I cannot think of another book in recent memory so powerful, so alive, and so necessary. Writing a book is difficult enough, but imagine trying to write it in a language that is not your own. She is forthright and honest in recounting her struggles and vividly describes how it feels to be immersed and overwhelmed in another language. The result is a thoughtful examination of the creative process and the role that language plays in all Guerrero's amazing narrative — in the same league as The Sound of Gravel , my 2 pick — is a truly heartbreaking story of her immigrant family being torn apart, and her determination to remain in the United States and raise herself at age This account of Guerrero's A completely captivating story of groundbreaking feminist artist Rokudenashiko's arrest and imprisonment told through comics, interviews, press snippets, trial transcripts, and mini cultural essays.

What makes this book so remarkable is her unfailing whimsy, a spirit so bright it radiates off the page, and ultimately her resilience in the fight for artistic freedom. Recommended by Melissa A. Broder's essay collection is shockingly candid, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and surprisingly moving. She communicates her modern sadnesses in today's world of sexting, Twitter, and anxiety unlike anyone else. Chloe Caldwell's raw, gritty essay collection is one hell of a seething mess, but in a really good way.

Bald fear, lust, despair, and addictions run rampant in this particular slice of Caldwell's life, but her love of writing and words somehow trumps the stark ugliness with something like grace. Powerful and touching, Legs Get Led Astray is a tiny bomb that will break you, but make you happy in the process, and leave you Lena Dunham is best known for her TV show Girls. I will admit she isn't everybody's cup of tea, but she is undeniably a strong voice of her generation.

I love her brutal honesty, sarcasm, and oddness. Lena's TV show is only inspired by her life, so it was nice to read about her personal life. She is unafraid to bare all. Each chapter is a short story; some stories are comedic and witty, but other stories are confessional and vulnerable Carrie Brownstein shows more and more talent as her career continues. She began with one of the best bands to come out of the Pacific Northwest and the '90s, Sleater-Kinney.

In Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl , she reveals all the details of that era along with her childhood and adolescence. This book is funny, revealing, heartbreaking, and most of all, well written. Carrie's stories are easy to empathize with. She's gone from musical An honest and inspiring story of female entrepreneurship told by a modern-day female hustler who successfully entered the business world seemingly overnight.

The author covers her personal ethical dilemmas both in her personal life and in business. She explains how she values critique, teamwork, and differences in opinion in order to keep her business running. Her transparency and authenticity inspires her readers to become confident, to question The most intriguing part of this book is its coverage of three lifetimes: Each one is given attention and told genuinely, even though they vary greatly from each other in perspective.

1. Goodbye to All That (Robert Graves)

There is a thread of family, tradition, and strength that keeps the narrative coherent, and this was a truly informative read. I feel that this book is a sort of "undiscovered gem" just waiting for the next reader Darin Strauss dissects the one event that forever demarcates his life: To his credit, Strauss never once plays the pity card; instead he seems to question his every emotion and thought for signs of weakness. As he grows into adulthood, he shares his story with others and sits unflinchingly while they either excoriate or coddle him.

No, this memoir is not for the faint of heart — This is an unexpected subject for a book — the crossover between tattoos and foodie culture — but it makes so much sense. I always want to see pictures of tattoos, and the thematic tie between them here offers a juxtaposition that makes this a more satisfying read than most tattoo books. Recommended by Ashleigh B. In , Ernest Shackleton left for the Antarctic.

While World War I occupied Europe, the Endurance was destroyed by ice and the men aboard were left far from help in a barren land where the darkness got longer every day. Although written in the s, Alfred Lansing's account of this incredible survival story is just as fresh and riveting as anything by Jon Krakauer, Timothy Egan, or Erik Larson. Recommended by Eva F. My Beloved World is about so much more than law. It's about struggle and overcoming, and it is inspiring. I originally found this book through the Everybody Reads program, and it gave me a sense of community about the story.

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Sotomayor also writes with a humor that keeps the book from being heavy and instead keeps it interesting and invigorating throughout. Alexander von Humboldt was a German naturalist whose work helped shape our concept of environmentalism. Wulf brings this fascinating historical figure to life in all his globetrotting, visionary glory. Humboldt climbed volcanoes, descended into the depths, and greatly influenced Thoreau and John Muir. But in a funny way. Recommended by Doug C. Mindy just wants to be liked.

She confesses to being an imperfectly proportioned, quirky semi-star and is so eager to dish up all sorts of hilarious episodes of her life — and actually lets you know how she feels about them. You'll like her, all right, and maybe even go so far as to love her just a little. Recommended by Mark I. Rabia Chaudry, a family friend and admittedly biased attorney, goes deep into many of the documents and flaws pertaining to the case of first-degree murder including inconsistencies the defense team did not originally notice, as well as many statements in the state's case that make little sense.

How did this trial end with a I loved, loved, loved this book so much. I thought I had grown tired of the whole food-memoir-with-recipes-at-the-end-of-each-chapter sub-genre, but A Homemade Life is a wonderful exception.

Molly Wizenberg is a generous writer, full of self-depreciating humor and gentle wit. Her descriptions of her childhood, and especially of her relationship with her parents, are moving and sweet. I will admit, when I was reading this on This slim memoir enchanted me. Author and reporter Isabel Vincent recounts her friendship with the delightful, elderly Edward. Over the course of many wonderful dinners that Edward cooks for her, Isabel tells how their relationship deepened and how they were able to help each other move through grief and to better places in their lives, even as Edward faces the end of his.

The food descriptions are a highlight as well. I've marked many of the Learn everything you could ever want to know about The Beatles. This book has the inspiration behind each studio release even the cover songs ; production notes, including who sang and played which instruments and how many takes there were; fun facts; and, of course, drama.

This is the best and most exhaustive Beatles book I've ever read. Recommended by Amy W. I may have loved this more than Just Kids , mainly because it is not a natural successor to that book. Patti Smith has written a gorgeous, impressionistic, and very moving rumination on loss and grief, loneliness and solitude. And books and coffee — lots of books and coffee. Dittrich uses Patient H.

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He exposes sides of a well-known case that will appeal to the already familiar as well as newcomers interested in mental illness and the brain. Warren Zanes's biography of a generation's coolest This book is a well-crafted mix of humor and logic. The essays vary from personal topics to academic concepts. The overall reading experience is both fun and informative, and what struck me most was how the author illustrates how feminism doesn't have to be perfect to be beneficial. Don't Miss Indiespensable Jacqueline Woodson Powell's Souvenirs Libro. Heavy Metal to Save Your Soul 0 comment.

Tonight I'm Someone Else: Essays Chelsea Hodson [isbn] Chelsea Hodson is somewhere between poet and magician.