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In addition to the familiar stories, this edition also includes the three verse tales--the troubling account of patient Griselda , the comic Three Silly Wishes , and the notorious Donkey-Skin. This translation by Christopher Betts captures the tone and flavor of Perrault's world, and the delightful spirit of the originals.

These are fairy tales that are as much a pleasure to read now as they were to be told once upon a time ago.

The Complete Fairy Tales by George MacDonald, U. C. Knoepflmacher |

The hidden symbolism of Perrault's tales is explained in the erudite introduction by Christopher Betts, who has translated the edition, the only complete translation in both verse and prose. The fairy tale is a rite of passage. Read yours aloud, share it with a small or re-read these tales and wonder at the depth that Disney never did. This story may or may not be a fairy tale, though there are certainly fairies in it.

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However, unlike any of his Victorian forebears or most of his contemporaries, Machen manages to achieve, only a few years before the comfortably kitsch flower fairies of Cicely Mary Barker, the singular feat of rendering fairies terrifying. In this case, he third son of a miller is sad to learn that he has inherited a mere cat upon the death of his father. The eldest son inherits the mill; the middle one, the mules.

But the cat is determined to prove to his master--the third son--that he has inherited the most valuable gift of all.

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The cat, which puts on a pair of boots, manages to win him a castle and beautiful wife through a series of crafty ruses: Puss in Boots is the archetypal con-cat who uses cunning to make up for lack up for the deprivations of misfortune. Cinderella Perrault's version of this story introduces the transformed-pumpkin carriage, fairy godmother, and glass slipper. Riquet the Tuft A story which gives, I think, frivolous pleasure that derives chiefly from formal chiasmus. An ugly prince "Riquet" is given a gift by a fairy: Enter two princess, one pretty and dense; the other, ugly and clever.

Riquet marries the pretty one, who turns out to have had a fairy give her the gift of being able to turn her beloved into a handsome man: Hop o' my Thumb In which the very clever if very tiny title character--Hop o' my Thumb--manages to extricate his sibling from being killed--first by treacherous parents who intentionally mislead them in the woods because they are too poor to afford food and then by a malevolent ogre who tries to eat them.

Sep 27, Monica Simpson rated it liked it. Having read only a few of the fairy tales so far, I'm struck by the difference between them and the more modern-day versions so many of us know. There's something to be said for the non-Disney influence. There are some dark turns and tales, and morals that the author wishes to convey. It's interesting to see how his intent matches - or doesn't - with our own reflections and conclusions.

I find it particularly interesting to read the tales as reflections of the cultures in which they were told. W Having read only a few of the fairy tales so far, I'm struck by the difference between them and the more modern-day versions so many of us know. What do we want our children to learn? How do we want them to behave? Of what cautions should they be aware? Are there life lessons for them in the stories? Juxtaposing those "lessons" to what we might find in children's entertainment today can be eye opening indeed. Feb 14, Kex G. Perrault's fairy tales are a bit plain, but there is interest to be found in them.

They tend to read as being very contemporary at the time of writing, though of course they were largely borrowed from old folk tales or literally. The clumsy morals tacked on at the end of each piece are unfortunate. Dec 26, Christopher rated it liked it Shelves: Reading Perrault for the first time only as an adult, I found the stories to be very slight. They're interesting but mainly because they are recognizably the stories many modern re-tellings are based on. Sep 28, Arely rated it it was amazing. This was a very entertaining take on fairy tales.

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We're all used to Disney fairy tales that overly romanticize the story. Although this is darker, it does still carry that fantasy magic essence that we all love Disney, with a more obvious moral value. Apr 06, Boomz rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 19, Sarah Chadwick rated it liked it. I thought this was pretty average, but interesting to see the original fairytales. Beauty and the beast, yeah! Sep 27, Aylin Mendoza rated it it was amazing Shelves: These fairy tales are very entertaining but what's interesting is that you can easily point out cultural views in these.

Apr 25, ErLinda Perez rated it it was ok. These stories change the "Disney" vision of fairy tales that we have, but a fun read. Jun 19, Charlotte rated it liked it Shelves: Right from the beginning, readers are encouraged to think critically about fairy tales and how different it is from the Disney fairy tales.

Very interesting where fairy first started. I read about half of these to my children and the other half to myself skipping the stories in verse. All of them were excellent--fully fleshed out stories, in many cases with a more realistic sense of terror than is found in other versions, although I prefer the Grimm's gory ending to Cinderella to Perrault's sappy one.

As someone keenly interested in both fairy tales and literary history, this was of course a must read. Though the origin of some of the tales are disputed, some said to be folk tales adapted by Perrault, his contribution to the genre is indisputable. As interesting as it is to read these tales in their original forms, before being adapted by the Grimm brothers or many others that followed and indeed he has a flair for narrative far greater than the famous pair it is difficult to ignore the ram As someone keenly interested in both fairy tales and literary history, this was of course a must read.

As interesting as it is to read these tales in their original forms, before being adapted by the Grimm brothers or many others that followed and indeed he has a flair for narrative far greater than the famous pair it is difficult to ignore the rampant misogyny. I'm not unaware of the position of women in the 17th century, but the first tale 'The History of Griselda' seems to far surpass the sexism of the day, as is commented on by contemporaries where he seeks to defend his work, one remarking "You needed to make your heroine's patience credible; and what other means did you have, except to make her regard her husband's cruel treatment of her as coming from the hand of God?

If it were not for that, she would be taken for the stupidest woman there has ever been, which would certainly not make a good effect. With 'The History of Griselda' being the first text in the collection, it probably tainted my reading of the stories to follow, but they too were difficult to enjoy when most were thoroughly ruined by moral teaching that follows.

I really wanted to enjoy this collection, and probably would have without the first poem, and Perrault's moral teachings at the end of the stories. There are some really lovely tales in here, and some that are excitingly dark and unsettling, but rather than leaving the book in cheerful spirits like I expected, I was instead deeply upset at just how hateful Perrault's attitude seemed to be towards women or at least women who weren't entirely obedient.

Feb 10, Greg Frederick rated it it was amazing. I discovered Charles Perrault on the Google home page of all places. There were classic fairy tale characters all about, and being a fan of folk tales, clicked on it. Much to my surprise it was for an author of a handful of the most famous fairy tales, and the author was around more than years before the brothers Grimm! These tales were a joy to read. They were all a bit different that the Grim I discovered Charles Perrault on the Google home page of all places. They were all a bit different that the Grimm and Andersen versions, and the translation was superb.

I also learned that some if not all of these stories are older even than Perrault. I now look forward to digging deeper yet into the past to read more versions of these and other much loved tales. Probably the most famous adaptation of Perrault is Disney's Cinderella. What's interesting about reading Perrault himself, though, is how different some of the tales are from the versions you hear as a child.

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Oct 03, Praveen rated it it was amazing. First, I share with you how I decided to read this book. Read my silly coincidence! A prelude fairy tale: I got scared for a moment, quickly came down, took a torch in my hand and climbed up back to the stairs. There, not to my surprise, a little frog had placed himself just at the corner of a step.

At ground level of First, I share with you how I decided to read this book. At ground level of my building, there is good amount of greenery and in and around rainy season small and medium sized frogs and toads are found hopping here and there but I was surprised how this little frog had reached such a height in the building.

As it was dark in the stairs, so I threw light from the torch on his husky little form but he did not jump anywhere. Seeing him stationary I sat one step below him. Without the slightest sense of fear, he kept looking at me with a natural throbbing on his part of body below his mouth, probably his throat. In fact it was pounding strongly, when I tried to touch him, he did not resist and only wiggled his head. His eyes still fixed on me, entire body steadfast, throbbing and beating still there in his throat. I switched on and off my torch several times to get him frightened but this brave frog was still staring at me stiffly with unfailing good spirits.

Then clueless of what to do next to scare him, I came down, brought my phone with me to take some of his pictures. To my astonishment, after the first flash of my phone, when the first picture of frog was captured, he suddenly tilted his body to the left… His head still looking towards the phone, his eyes now fixed on my phone camera. This way he was posing perfectly the right side of his body to my phone.

I felt this behavior so strange and human like that I kept cogitating for sometime as if he was anticipating such a photo shoot. Then in a pleased mental state I took few more pictures, touched his head and crusty surface of his back softly. This time he jumped quickly and disappeared in the dark towards roof side. When I bowed down to touch him, he hopped in such a dramatic and frightening way that in his first jump he crossed the entire park and with his next he just flew like a bird… high… high… and very high… up to the clouds… and then within a moment became a cloud.

A white cloud first and then turned dark a moment later! The first book I picked was a bulky one. I read the title. I felt pleased and after sitting in my reading chair when I read the first story in the book, to my greatest surprise … I found the frog here again…. When to get her ball from a deep spring, a princess, the most beautiful daughter of a king, takes help of this frog in the wild and promises him that she will allow him to stay with her and then after getting her ball back, she backs out and runs away to her palace.

Then one day someone says at her door, this: And mind the words that thou and I said By the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade. Now at this point of time I remembered my frog as well and saw the pictures I had taken last night on my phone and then looked at the picture of frog at the door of princess, made on a page of this book. And I realized then Frogs are really powerful creatures! So this was my fairy tale leading me to this book! Finally let me say something about the book. A book with fairy tales compiled in it by the Grimm brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm in early 19th century.

It includes many tales, some of them you might have heard from your parents and grandparents in your childhood. These tales are full of enchantment and rapture, terror and wisdom, tragedy and beauty. These stories are kept alive by German peasants of the time told around the fire place to entranced listeners. This book has influenced people worldwide and is a principle source for the artists and composers, who are re-creating these tales in new and innovative ways around the world.

I did not read all tales in this book, but reading of 50 odd tales from this book educated me enough to alter my views that these tales were made for the children only!

The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories

However the older people should read them twice because these are filed with such a wisdom and simplicity that sometimes in the ruckus of life even one fairy tale from this book can fill your heart with childlike innocence and peace! This compilation is truly a legacy of vibrant oral tradition! View all 16 comments. View all 23 comments. Sep 05, James rated it really liked it Shelves: I adored fairy tales as a child These are powerful parables meant to teach us all the lessons we need. Of course, they're fun and imaginative. But their the basics to start from.

About Me For those new to m I adored fairy tales as a child About Me For those new to me or my reviews I read A LOT. I write A LOT.

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales

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Many thanks to their original creators. View all 7 comments. Nov 30, Jaidee rated it liked it Recommends it for: In the near past in the kingdom of Toronto there lived a distinguished middle aged Duke. He was handsome, cool, level-headed and fastiduous. He lived in a grand apartment with his gr 3. He lived in a grand apartment with his gray kitty but after two unhappy marriages was looking to reconnect with another nobleperson and attempt happiness once again.

He decided to host a dinner and had three countesses scour the city for suitable candidates. These three countesses were lovely to Duke Xavier and wanted the best for him despite not being able to nab him for themselves. The third countess was especially sweet and asked the Duke if he would consider somebody more pedestrian but pleasant, devoted and a bit odd. Xavier looked at her sweetly and said "Why the hell not? First there was Sir Adonis. Sculpted like a greek god, with a face so handsome that both men and women fainted just by looking.

Second there was Lady Haha. Fashionable, brilliant and cooler than her more famous relative Lady G Thirdly there was Dame Cait Lastly there was roly poly Jade. Not a prince or nobility and looked rather bashful in his maroon smoking jacket that his aunty picked out for him for this occasion.

The three countesses came down to the lobby of the apartment and saw Lady Haha with her little poodle that had shat three times already on the marble. The Duke's gorgeous feline will have an epileptic fit" Well if Lady Poodle Rara is not welcome then I am off to find a king that will appreciate me" Off she huffed. Roly poly Jade quickly applied some lip balm and quickly smelled his armpits as he was oh so nervous. The countesses brought the three to the apartment and seated there in grey and mauve elegance was Duke Xavier.

He greeted all warmly and then dismissed the three countesses to the kitchen to finish dinner. The Duke said "the first test is the talent show. He ripped open his shirt and started to pose. His biceps and triceps were oh so delicious and the three countesses were mesmerized at the sight.

GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES by the Brothers Grimm - FULL Audio Book

Duke Xavier snapped and said "Away ladies do not burn our dinner". Dame Cait said "Well I'm feeling rather moist now" Jade looked down at his roly poly stature and lost all courage. Dame Cait pulled out a long cigarette holder, lighted it. She did it with such class and with a british accent that was divine to listen to.

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The three countesses were charmed and Jade headed for the door. Duke Xavier gently said. Please share your talent" Jade looked up and said. This is what roly poly Jade sang: The three countesses melted. Duke Xavier got a glimmer in his beautiful sad brown eyes. Sir Adonis took the choicest pieces of meat. Dame Cait criticized every dish. Roly poly Jade got gravy on his maroon smoking jacket and died of embarassment. Duke Xavier asked the last question of the evening and it was this: I will get to know you, comfort you and make sure that most of the time you are happy. If I do fall in love with you Duke Xavier I will remain devoted to you for the rest of your days.

I will eat all your baked goods with relish, I will procrastinate on all the household chores, I will sing endlessly to you especially show tunes and songs from the s. I will always have your best wishes at heart and take care of you and make you laugh. I am not beautiful. I am only semi-smart but my heart will always be open to you forever" The three countesses had tears in their eyes. Duke Xavier stood up and gave Sir Adonis a warm hug. He sweetly kissed Dame Cait on the lips. View all 42 comments.

The Brothers Grimm told stories with meat on their bones, where the good people were heroes and the bad people were really, really bad. The outcome of a particular story rose and fell on the consequences of the actions of the characters. The evil stepsisters in Cinderella, for example, did not go to the wedding of Cin The original Grimm's Brothers fairy tales were a far cry from the Perrault collection of many of the same stories, the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, or, God forbid, Walt Disney.

The evil stepsisters in Cinderella, for example, did not go to the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince - no - their eyes were pecked out by crows. Bruno Bettleheim had a theory that if children are reared hearing fairy tales and folk tales, they will develop a rich fantasy life while young, and won't need to turn to drugs and alcohol later on. I don't know if that is really the case, but I do know that the Grimm Brothers occupied an enormous space in my psyche as a child, along with Hans Christian Anderson and Carlo Collodi. No wonder children today love J. Rowling and Phillip Pulliam.

Whatever else you think about their stories, their child heroes inhabit universes where actions are followed by consequences, and not all the good survive. Children are hungry for truth, and in books like Grimm's Fairy Tales, they find it. View all 8 comments. Hans in Luck -- Half-wits can be happy with anything. The Traveling Musicians -- Robbing the rich to give to yourself is fine if your victim is a robber. Briar Rose -- Disney can reduce anything -- even a story about slights and righteous indignation -- into a ninety minute indoctrination of the fantasy of good and evil.