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Cat owns Bali based jewellery brand Henessi which features antique-like necklaces, rings and stunning brooches. All very trendy and fashion forward. After all, Cat appears have done a stellar job in promoting her business so far.

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In episode five of The Bachelor , the bob-haired vixen was forced to explain if she was really on the show for love or fame. But it's not only Nick who's left scratching his head about her motives for being on the show. Nick's sister Bernadette wasn't too impressed with the jewellery designer either wondering if her motives were entirely clear. But the year old insists that's not the case. But Cat says she can handle whatever the show throws her way. That's how I've played it. I notice that a few reviewers had problems with the "weird writting style and no dialog".

I think the story is that way because it is written like a fairy tale, which I thought suited this story perfectly. One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. But are you ready for the blessings? Lovely little book for cat owners and lovers, those thinking of owning one, and for every bachelor on a single woman's wish list.

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I have done a great deal of companion animal rescue and placement in my life, and this little volume is way up there on my favorite list. I've just read it. Owning an animal does change your life, and always in a positive way.

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This book was loaned to me by an animal loving friend, and I loved it so much I HAD to have my own copy. Very touching with contemporary romance woven into the storyline. I couldn't put it down! He returns to his apartment to wallow in self-pity, but soon hears the cries of something even more pitiful than himself: The bachelor takes the kitten in thinking only to keep an eye on it til someone responds to his "for adoption" ad.

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But he soon learns that cats adopt people, not the other way around, and he is very clearly now a new member of a family. Resigned to his fate, he keeps the cat. Since his girlfriend is once again MIA, he goes to a bar and looks for someone else to keep him company for a night. He finds himself intrigued by a woman who isn't the least bit his physical type. All of his women have been sleek and chic.

This woman was soft and round. But he liked her smile and her sense of humor, and so took her home with him. Like the cat, she decides he is worthy of adoption and soon spends more time at his place than hers, eventually telling him that she'd like to move in. But his slender ex re-enters the picture and soon he is forced to choose between the two very different women: What worked for me: Despite being such a short story, the characters are well-defined enough for the reader to sympathize with, and the plot interesting enough to keep them turning the pages.

What didn't work for me: There was one passage I could have done without, but aside from that the book was superb. This witty book is written almost as a parable or a morality play, which is quite original for so romantic and sweet a story. There is minimal dialogue and no names used save for the cat's. Had it been longer the format would have lost its charm, but as it turns out it was just the right length.

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While not everyone would want it on their "keeper" shelf, it is certainly worth searching out at the library. Especially if you are a cat person. The book is a fast read; I started and finished it inside of an hour.

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The unusually short length is appropriate to the work; dragging it out for another hundred or two hundred pages would only have turned a winning tale into a dragging bore. Even at its current length, there are slow sections, such as the pages of description of the bachelor playing with his cat - perhaps these are interesting to cat lovers, but after the first description of the "fishing game" I had heard enough about it. A more important criticism of this book is the immaturity and pigheadedness of the bachelor himself which the author, to judge by the book's tone, seems to share.

Here we have an adult man, clearly meant to be in his early or middle thirties, who spends months debating whether to be involved with a beautiful woman who cheats on him and makes him miserable, or a woman who makes him happy in every way but who is slightly overweight. The fact that the decision is so difficult, and that his thoughts during the process are so shallow and unattractive, removes any satisfaction from the final, unsurprising outcome. So there is nothing very mature about this book, either in the characters or in the way they are portrayed.

Perhaps the author is exhibiting his genius for simplicity; perhaps this is simply the height of his ability. Either way, the book is short and pleasant and easy to read, especially for cat-lovers.