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To find out if a career in the art world is right for you, we suggest taking on an internship and getting some first-hand experience in the field. Email the mutual contact with a short blurb where you include: It's so important be open and honest with HR to ensure your happiness at a company, especially if you don't feel as comfortable speaking with your manager.

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How to Get a Job at an Art Gallery. Career Opportunities for Marketing Majors. Here are some of the key things you need to know about working in the art world. Focus your experience and art contacts on this area of the art world. It is also important to understand how different galleries function. For example, you should know the difference between a commercial gallery professionally run for profit and a vanity gallery the artists pay to display their work. If working in an art gallery is your greatest dream, you'll need to make sure that you live in a city with a thriving art scene.

If you live in an area without easy access to many cultural offerings, such as museums and galleries, you will want to consider moving. You will probably need to move even before landing a job. It will be very hard to make the necessary connections if you can't easily access a network of art world insiders. Each city has its own influential circle of museums, galleries, collectors and philanthropists. It takes time to get contacts in the art world, so remaining in the same city among the influential crowd will make you a more attractive addition to a gallery's staff.

Maintain a presence in the local art world. The following things can add to your resume and help you to get a job Become a member of local museums. As with any industry, the art world has its own publications. Familiarize yourself with the trade journals and websites. Subscribe to them, so that you are current on trends within the industry, as well as job openings and opportunities. As you are finishing your degree, turn to your professors for career advice. There should also be an advising office at your university that can provide information about different job opportunities.

Take advantage of these resources. If you've had an internship, ask your supervisor for advice about which career path you should take.

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Keep an eye out for all opportunities. You need to familiarize yourself with all of the ways that galleries advertise for employees. Read the trade journals, visit individual gallery websites, and stay current on job-seeking websites. Post your resume online so that it is visible to as many gallery owners as possible. Be open to many different possibilities when starting your job hunt. By the time you are ready to apply for jobs, you will have finished your degree, and hopefully an internship. Ask your former professors and supervisors to help you navigate the job market. They are a wealth of information about your chosen career, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

As you search for a job, make sure to keep networking. Attend as many art related functions as possible in a continued effort to meet people and make valuable connections. Many companies and galleries use social media to advertise their current activities, including job openings. Follow major players in the art scene on social media. Don't be afraid to use social media to reach out and make new connections in the art world.

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Write a cover letter. Your cover letter is your first opportunity to make an impression, so you want to make it a good one. Whenever possible, address the letter to a specific person. Even if you are applying for many jobs, take the time to focus each letter on the individual gallery you are writing to.

Highlight your strengths, and clearly detail how you will be an asset to their staff. Read your cover letter out loud to catch any awkward sentences. Ask a friend to serve as an extra set of eyes.

Working in museums - behind the scenes at the V&A (Full Version)

And you'll be expected to come up with innovative ways to make museums more accessible. The British Museum has a range of roles covering curatorship to administration.

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We would generally expect graduates coming to work in archeology or Egyptology to have some experience in the field. But for graduates coming into fundraising or design, experience is less relevant. In curatorial areas, we would expect evidence of qualifications and some activity in that field — for a lot of people that will be having participated in an excavation or having their first research papers published. We would expect to see competencies around research for curatorial roles; for design roles we would expect creativity and the ability to work to house style.

The British Museum is an exciting and happening place to be in the museum world. We have an international programme of activity which is an attraction for many of our staff. We are very keen on individuals working on their own activity but also in cross-museum projects, sharing ideas across a mixture of skills and experience. It's worth speaking to HR departments to find out about roles and opportunities and get any work experience you can.

How to Get a Job in a Museum or Art Gallery

You will not make millions but you're likely to have a long, steady, interesting career and a reasonable standard of living. We advertise our roles on our website and also national museum jobs websites. We run a range of postgraduate programmes for people trying to get into the sector and others who are already working but want to develop their skills and knowledge.

The museums, galleries and cultural sector is a competitive field so often people who have some voluntary work experience and a good first degree don't get shortlisted when they apply for jobs.