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By joining its witness with that of the Bible , the Book of Mormon lays down a firm, almost unshakable foundation for faith in Christ.

God’s Work Moves On

In this way, mercy can satisfy justice for the repentant, while those who exercise no faith unto repentance are exposed to all the demands of justice. Paul recorded that death and sin entered the world through Adam, and life entered the world through Christ. Indeed, the story of Jesus is a two-continent story. Even his birth embraces both hemispheres. The scriptures teach that out of the mouth of multiple witnesses the Lord establishes his word. The Book of Mormon strengthens our faith by multiplying witnesses. For a reader of both testaments, the five hundred who saw Jesus after His resurrection in the Old World see 1 Cor.

The raising of Tabitha by Peter see Acts 9: Similarly, people throughout the world today who read the Book of Mormon are astonished by its teachings, which clarify and confirm the cherished truths in the holy Bible.

Built upon the Rock - ensign

The impressive display of power the day before, when he had fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes, was not enough to sustain their discipleship. Faced with a similar temptation to turn our backs upon the gospel, we can find strength in the Book of Mormon. Many throughout the Church testify of ways in which the Book of Mormon has helped them stay true to the gospel.

One of my students shared with me the following letter she had received from her sister:. I was studying in Paris at the age of nineteen. Culture shock, [lack] of familiar faces, places, and habits all took their toll.

Does Peter teach that God is waiting for everyone to believe?

The Church seemed narrow and naive in the wake of the wide, wide world I was discovering. Alma 32 says that the beginning of faith is desire. Did I desire to believe? I turned to 3 Nephi and began to read the account of the resurrected Christ visiting the Nephites. Suddenly I was struck with the realization that no man could have written this from his own mind. A rush of hope and light came pouring back into my hungry spirit!

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The Book of Mormon could not be explained away. It had a divine origin. The testimony I have now has its roots in the warmth and hope of that moment.

Twelve years have passed, during which time I have married in the temple, had five beautiful children, and served in many Church callings. I wonder where life would have taken me had I not reopened that wonderful book. Whatever is done [officially] by this Church is because God, speaking from heaven in our day, has commanded this Church to do it.

Built upon the Rock

But even this part must be interpreted aright. To so contend is to defer to the dead letter in preference to the living oracle, which is always a false position. Invite a child to stand the paper on its edge and balance the book on top. After a few children have tried it, explain that there is a way to make the paper strong enough to hold the book.

Roll the paper into a tube, and secure it. Stand the paper tube on its end. Carefully place the book on top practice beforehand. Similarly, when we pray and keep the commandments, Heavenly Father will shape our character and give us strength. Invite two or three families to share how prayer has strengthened and blessed them.

Have each family share a favorite song or hymn and sing it together or with the Primary. Act out the parable of the unforgiving servant see Matt.

A Strengthening Link

Point out that the debts were as if the servant would not forgive a debt of U. Talmage, Jesus the Christ, 3rd ed. Prepare seven large question marks with the following questions, and place them underneath every seventh chair: Whom does the king represent? Whom does the unmerciful servant represent? Whom does the fellow servant represent? Anyone who has offended us.