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I may hold the answer you have longed for; the secret of your missing sister, Schala. Widening his eyes, the dark caped warrior became curious, wondering what secrets the Guru of Time has in store. Continuing to gently smile, the old man placed his hand upon the firm shoulder of the blue haired warrior. Venting his anger, he tensed his body, releasing electrical impulses in every direction as the ground cracked in fear of the reaper's dark power.

Leading him away from the cape, they both traveled a short distance through the remains of the fallen kingdom. Entering into a recently developed forest, they followed the narrow road. Even though the green woods were young, life blossomed into the broken world of hope. As they continued their stroll, the Guardian of time guided the wizard of impatience to the path's end. Ignoring the insults of the hot-headed Magus, he snapped his two fingers, forming a blue colored sphere.

Quickly expanding, a time portal came to light. How some things just never change. Catching him off guard, the old man pushed him into the gate, hurling him helplessly through the portal. Jumping right behind him, Magus and Gaspar ventured through time. Finally, a new journey began. Traveling through the colorful acid trip, helpless shouts and screams from the confused reaper echoed throughout the tunnel of time. Once the Scenic ride came to an end, Magus found himself laying down face first into the hardwood flooring of the end of time.

Only a small, dim-lit alleyway remained in this era, with a few hall ways and doors which most of them lead to other eras of time, and to parts unknown. Once Gaspar casually arrived, he offered to help the stumbled reaper off the ground. Refusing his help, he returned to his feet after kissing the hard wood floor. Always have you been my true friend. Let me tell you Magus, your sister still lives," explained the old man. Her soul drifted into another plane of reality: Another dimension, which lives in sync with your world.

See a Problem?

I guess fate is not on my side at this time So how did It survive? In other words, her soul became attached to the beast. Continuing in deep thought, he took note of every word Gaspar stated. I will see to it that the reaper takes claim of his greatest prize.

The Magus Covenant (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series #1)

Magus laughed, expressing a menacing grin, "Very well, I will just bring forth an end to the dirty fool once again. Destiny is like flipping a coin: If it lands on heads, one side is the victor, if it lands on the other, then the opposing force reigns victorious. Taking a seat nearby, crossing his legs, he gazed into the eyes of Magus, sensing the deep pain he kept bottled up inside. It was clear, that Magus still possessed a beating heart.

Determination was all that remained in him, and there was nothing that anybody could do to make him change his mind. Making preparations to leave, Magus waited no longer on the old man. Anyone who dares try to aid me will only be an obstacle. I take this path alone, you old gruff. Taking his stand, Gaspar smirked lightly at Magus. Follow me; I shall guide you on your next step. Strolling through the dim-lit hall ways, he led Magus deeply into what appeared like a never-ending tunnel of darkness.

Once they arrived at a hall way's edge, the old man took hold of the knob at the door. He slowly opened the door. Squeaking loudly, the opening door showed a rather small, unlit closet. Finishing its development, it expanded, creating a blinding light. Within a few seconds, the blinding light cleared away, and in its place, a green colored glow emitted from the once empty closet.

It won't hold together for long. So make haste and decide quickly. Are you up for the task at hand, Magus?

'The Magus': A Thrilling, Chilling Guilty Pleasure

Looking back at the old man, he calmly said, "thank you You must seek the Warrior of The Sun. Shall he aid you in battle; you two might be able to earn the victory. Widening his eyes, fascination and confusion struck hard on his thoughts. He knew fate wouldn't allow him to battle alone, yet he did not realize that the world he was approaching was vast with power. Gazing into the portal, the only thoughts flowing in Magus's mind was sending the foul beast, Lavos into oblivion.

He longed to reunite with the long-lost sister he cherished dearly; to bring her peace and prosperity. I'll be damned if I let anybody come in my way. After all these years of searching for you, and all my efforts; I will not let this be in vain.

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For the first time, hope and encouragement befriended him. Slowly walking into the portal, he glanced at the old man one last time. Without hesitation, Magus took his leap of faith into the portal, unable to hear his final warning. He drifted into a long slumber. In a blink of an eye, the dark secluded realm of the end of time replaced itself with the lush, open world of the earth. In the new world, Magus found himself surrounded by the thick green beautiful mountains which reached to the top of the skies.

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Appearing blue as the ocean, the skies seemed limitless in-depth. He embraced the warmth of the bright sun, which towered above everything at the height of noon. Feeling Mesmerized in the paradise that welcomed him, he nearly lost focus on the purpose of coming to this world. In this vividly imagined novel, Richard Yeo disrupts Xiang Li's settled, successful life, sending him on a pilgrimage that goes far "outside the narrow constraints that life has shown him".

Pulled forward by mystery, but connected to the rough and tumble of his most unpredictable journey, Xiang Li has an encounter that will change everything in his world. Clear, engaging prose, with witty dialogue and memorable characters, the story takes the reader into a world that is at once exotic and increasingly familiar The Chinese Magus is a compelling evocation of the journey to Bethlehem.

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Richard Yeo has the gift of taking you right inside the story; the characters are vividly real and come alive in front of your eyes. I felt as if I was taking the journey with them, and was changed by the experience. This is a very special book. Fairies and Humans in Partnership. Elegant, moving, witty and redemptive.

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A book that stays in the mind long after the final haunting page, this tale of a Chinese Mage's pilgrimage in search of a half-understood ideal resonates deep within, evoking the frailties and triumphs of life, and enlightenment in all its manifestations. Starlight reveals a hemispherical cupola Richard Yeo's tale gradually unfolds - like a message inscribed on ancient parchment.

A restrained and subtle elegance of style, interwoven with deep meaning, leads me to think that a new Jan Morris or Umberto Eco has emerged. Xiang Li undertakes a dangerous and challenging journey led only by a mystical compulsion. Accompanied by ancient seer Te Zhu, Xiang survives extreme discomfort and personal danger achieving on the way deep contentment and self-knowledge as he becomes one of the chosen to witness a major historical event.

Yeo draws his readers into a world within a world as he confidently merges the mystical with the manifest on a journey taken two millennia ago. Uncovering physical reserves and mental endurance, ruler Xiang Li is driven forward to pay homage with two other travellers and is rewarded by a life enhancing experience. Reading it is like sneaking through a doorway in Time. The colours are intense, the language and characters resonate, the numinous world we find ourselves in is utterly believable.

We have a sense that there is more than just a yarn being relayed here, and that the book is more of an invocation. His story of the Chinese Magus settles into our psyche in the best way possible as we find ourselves challenged, concerned and involved in the quest, with a quiet voice asking ourselves: Can this, at some mystical level and in some odd way, be true?! Yeo's take on the journey of the Magi - in this case, that of a Chinese Magus - is at once a gripping and fast-paced adventure story and an inner journey of self-discovery.

At the heart of this exuberant adventure is the story of a man learning to be human as he follows the mysterious call of his destiny. A vivid and exciting tale that takes us to the heart of the journey of the Magus. Grendel's Mother from Beowulf — a queen, whose birth is shrouded in mystery — threatens the fragile political stability of a windswept land.

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The life of Earl Godwine presents us with one of the enduring enigmas of English history; was he greedy and grasping, or protector of English rights against the hated Normans? What reservations about love are justified?